Climate Action Kick-Off event launches 5th July

June 22nd, 2019

We’re calling on people from all over Bristol to stand up against the climate crisis, and get our local government to start treating this situation as an emergency, not just an inconvenience.

By the end of 2020 we want a commitment to:
Transport: Stop the sale of petrol and diesel cars within the decade. Invest in brilliant and cheap public transport, cycling and walking everywhere.
Power: Stop making electricity from dirty fuels and ban fracking. Start aiming for 100% clean energy from the wind, sun and sea.
Buildings: End the misery of cold, expensive-to-heat homes. Fund a massive insulation scheme and shift to eco-friendly heating.
Agriculture and Land Use: Stop using our land for intensive farming. Double tree cover and let wildlife thrive.
Infrastructure: Stop backing projects that fuel climate change, like airport expansion. Start making climate change a deal-breaker in all spending decisions.
International Justice: Stop funding fossil fuels globally. Pay its fair share to support more-vulnerable countries to cut carbon pollution and deal with the impacts of climate change.

We are currently engaged in a city-wide organising campaign, engaging new volunteers across the city and signing supporters up to join the movement against climate change by participating in this mass kickoff event: 6-8.30pm, Friday 5th July at St Werburghs Community Centre.

While the campaign will be framed by our national policy demands, the specific focus and activities in Bristol will be chosen by participants at this event and the people involved will be fully trained and supported by Friends of the Earth staff.

How can you help?
Firstly, please register to attend this kickoff event on 5th July:

But even better, get involved to build the event and build the movement! You can help locally in your neighbourhood and amongst your friends and colleagues, or join a support team
Signup here:

The time is now – let’s act on the climate crisis

June 22nd, 2019

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On the 26th June, the UK’s biggest ever climate & environment mass lobby will happen outside Parliament where people from across the country will meet with their MPs to discuss their concerns.

With support from over 130 charities including WWF, Greenpeace and RSPB, the mass lobby will tell our politicians to take decisive action to safeguard our climate and natural environment.

Join over 11,000 people from across the country in coming to Parliament to meet face to face with your MP and tell them The Time Is Now for bold action.

Click here to sign up!

New Website

September 5th, 2014

Welcome to our new website! It’s still a work in progress, but hopefully you can find information on our latest campaigns – if there’s something you think we should add or you find problems please email with as much detail as possible and include ‘website’ in the subject.