Bristol Friends of the Earth is an active local group of the international environmental organisation Friends of the Earth. We are currently involved in campaigns on:

We also organise public meetings on important issues, election hustings, and responses to various local proposals (planning and development, air quality, pesticides, etc). We hold a monthly open group meeting (see right) plus separate campaign meetings.

If you would like to know more about us, help us with campaigning time or resources, or want to come to a meeting to see what we do then please get in touch. Also see our facebook group. Look further down this page for news events and actions you can take.

The time is now – let’s act on the climate crisis

June 22nd, 2019

On the 26th June, the UK’s biggest ever climate & environment mass lobby will happen outside Parliament where people from across the country will meet with their MPs to discuss their concerns.

With support from over 130 charities including WWF, Greenpeace and RSPB, the mass lobby will tell our politicians to take decisive action to safeguard our climate and natural environment.

Join over 11,000 people from across the country in coming to Parliament to meet face to face with your MP and tell them The Time Is Now for bold action.

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Bristol Climate Action Kick-off Event

Friday 5th July 2019

This is the kickoff for the new Bristol Climate Action campaign, bringing people together across the city to fight for a Bristol Climate Action Plan and back the national Climate Action Plan created by Friends of the Earth.
What’s Bristol Climate Action?
Bristol Climate Action, affiliated to Friends of the Earth, will consist of Bristol residents from all parts of the city, united by our desire to stop the climate crisis. We are part of Friends of the Earth’s new national climate action campaign where Friends of the Earth are supporting 1000’s of people to set up similar Climate Action groups across the country. You can find more information on the national campaign here:
The climate emergency is the biggest threat to our very existence and to much of the natural world we’ve ever seen, but we have a window of opportunity to act. We know what the solutions look like and, although our leaders are letting us down, people everywhere are starting to get active on climate solutions. We want to support them.
While the Government are speaking fine words in response to mass protests, declaring a “climate emergency” and telling school strikers that they’ve “got the message”, the reality is different. Heathrow airport is still being expanded. Solar energy is still being undermined by VAT rises. Investment in fossil fuels continues. And government investment in green energy, public transport, housing and tree cover is still lacking. Locally the picture is similar. Bristol City Council have also declared a “climate emergency” but are supporting the expansion of Bristol airport and dithering over clean air policies.
That’s why we’re calling on the UK government to urgently adopt our Climate Action Plan to rapidly cut greenhouse gas emissions. By the end of 2020 we want a commitment to:
Transport: Stop the sale of petrol and diesel cars within the decade. Invest in brilliant and cheap public transport, cycling and walking everywhere.
Power: Stop making electricity from dirty fuels and ban fracking. Start aiming for 100% clean energy from the wind, sun and sea.
Buildings: End the misery of cold, expensive-to-heat homes. Fund a massive insulation scheme and shift to eco-friendly heating.
Agriculture and Land Use: Stop using our land for intensive farming. Double tree cover and let wildlife thrive.
Infrastructure: Stop backing projects that fuel climate change, like airport expansion. Start making climate change a deal-breaker in all spending decisions.
International Justice: Stop funding fossil fuels globally. Pay its fair share to support more-vulnerable countries to cut carbon pollution and deal with the impacts of climate change.
What’s our plan?
We are currently engaged in a city-wide organising campaign, engaging new volunteers across the city and signing supporters up to join the movement against climate change by participating in this mass kickoff event: 6-8.30pm, Friday 5th July at St Werburghs Community Centre.
This event will be an opportunity for 100+ residents from across Bristol to come together, collectively plan a new mass climate movement in the city and take responsibility for making it happen.
How can you help? 
Please register to attend this kickoff event on 5th July:
But even better, get involved to build the event and build the movement! You can help locally in your neighbourhood and amongst your friends and colleagues, or join a support team
Signup here: