Supporting Friends of the Earth Bristol
Friends of the Earth Bristol are completely self-funded. We receive no financial support from National FoE, although they obviously give us lots of support in other ways. You can support us here in Bristol by becoming a member of our local group, by joining the Big Green Hat Club, or by making a donation. (Being a member of National FoE does not automatically make you a member of the Bristol group.)

There are a number of different ways in which you can get involved with the local group. You might be able to help out with admin, or you may prefer to get involved with some local campaigning. However much time you can spare – even it it’s only a couple of hours a month – it’s all valuable. We can offer training and support, so no previous experience is necessary. If you would like to discuss how best you can help, please email us at .

What does campaigning involve?
Whatever your walk of life or past experience of environmental work, we can find ways of helping you put your skills to good use. As an active member, you might find yourself doing any of the following:

  • Organising campaigns
  • Taking part in a National Friends of Earth Day of Action
  • Holding stalls
  • Working on our website
  • Researching issues to support campaigns
  • Media work for radio, TV and newspapers
  • Lobbying MPs and Councillors
  • Fundraising
  • Making campaigns materials and props
  • Peaceful protest
  • Recruitment

Becoming a member
If you care about Bristol’s local environment and community please join – change begins at home! Our membership subscription is £15 (Waged), £5 (Unwaged), £25 (Joint/ Family) or £300 (Life membership). I can’t stress strongly enough how much we value members’ support.

Becoming a member entitles you to attend the AGM so you can have an active say on what we campaign on and how we campaign. Please complete and mail this form also available on our introduction page.

12 Green Bottles 
12 Green Bottles is for people who like organic wine! There is a prize draw of a bottle of organic wine each month, and at midsummer and Christmas there is a crate on offer. You can join our club for a standing order of a mere £2 month. Surplus funds go towards running BFoE campaigns. For an application form, please contact: